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What is Facebook Marketing? How Effective is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing merely means marketing your products on the social networking site. The advertising tool has been in existence for a few years now, but many people have only started using the feature recently. There is a misconception about its effectiveness as most individuals believe it's not as efficient as it used to be.

However, this is not true since Facebook is still a useful advertising medium with 1.6 billion monthly users. Also, an average Facebook user spends at least fifty minutes on the platform daily. This makes it the ideal means to reach a wider audience and generate a decent amount of fortune easily (Stewart, 2016).

When thinking of selling your products on Facebook, ensure that you satisfy your customer's needs and wants to avoid a situation called latent or induced demand.  It occurs when a consumer is not well informed about a particular product’s specifications or unavailability. When you put out the right details about the merchandise in the proper place and time, there's a high probability of increasing your sales. Most customers are unaware that they have a problem that needs solving until you offer the solution - your product - and enlighten them about it.

However, there are times that you need to seek the opinion of people on the kind of items or content that they want. In some occasions, there may also be requests that you have to allow (express demand).

The difference between the two is that a customer doesn't know the product well or if it’s unavailable for the former, while a request is made before the commencement of sale for the latter. When you let people know that a service or merchandise can be beneficial to them through your ads, they'll feel the need to get that particular product.

Lots of your potential customers are on Facebook, considering there is a significant number of people on the platform. It's one of the best networking channels where you'll see and experience maximum social engagement, which is important in promoting your goods and services. Without that, no one will purchase what you are offering.

Through Facebook, many people sell and buy things. It's now one of the conventional means of marketing business online. Various products get advertised on the platform to help people learn more about different organizations, artists, services, products, and recent happenings around the world.

Having a Facebook page makes you stand out from the crowd and have unlimited access to marketing opportunities for your business to grow.

Facebook helps to connect users and brands as a marketing tool. It helps to strengthen interactions between companies and current or old customers. The feedback that you get from your customers on the platform is vital since it helps you to understand your customer's buying behavior and needs. When they post a positive comment, it allows your brand to expand as more users get to know about it. As the number of followers on your business page increases, you can direct them to your website, thereby increasing the traffic that it gets.

Why is Facebook Marketing Important?

Facebook marketing is an essential means of showing your products to the public. You can display your goods through videos, images, descriptions, graphics, and testimonials.

Why Facebook Marketing?

In a study revealed in September 2018, it was discovered that over 2.2 billion people are Facebook users . With that vast number of individuals on a platform, there's no gainsaying that advertising your business there will attract a global audience and international exposure. Nevertheless, you may come across some challenges when it comes to connecting naturally with fans because it's always developing the algorithm. You need Facebook ads to overcome these hurdles as you'll be given the privilege of reaching your target market through its right-targeting features.

Facebook advertising is beneficial when you're looking at a low-budget tool with high return on investment (ROI) and conversion rates. Paying for the ad simply means that you're paying to reach the people that either need your services or products or are highly likely to buy from you.

Reaching your target audience organically takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment. Hence, using Facebook advertising can take this stressful activity off your hands.

Facebook Marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The specific goals and strategies you set contribute to the success of your Facebook marketing campaign. Your ability to tell the difference between a quality post and a random, useless one is rooted in the plan. As an online marketer, your content should be determined by the reason why you post. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide a solid ground, which you can use to know how well you're doing.

You can assess your KPIs by:

  • Knowing the audience’s response and engagement with your posts

  • Realizing whether the growth of your fanbase is in line with your goals and objectives

  • Determining the number of times, you've received negative feedback and how to deal with it

  • Defining your target audience and getting close to them as you build the brand

  • Understanding how often people see your content and how to improve on it

  • Knowing the click-through rate for each blog post

  • Evaluating your conversion rate and the number of leads converted

  • Recognizing that how quickly you respond to comments will determine the kind of feedback you'll receive

  • Keeping track of your sales results to know if it's increasing or not

Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook marketing tools are essential to achieve your goals of reaching a wider audience, converting them into customers, and increasing your sales and profit.

Here are a few things that may help you.

Buffer :This is a well-known social media engagement platform that allows you to schedule and publish posts, as well as assists with analyzing post reach, likes, and shares.

AdEspresso AdEspresso is an excellent tool for setting up and managing campaigns; that’s why you can have more time for other tasks.

Agorapulse :This a useful and simple tool that helps you to supervise engagement and content on Facebook, monitor activity, as well as schedule and publish posts.

Driftrock is used by Facebook marketers to generate leads for conversions. It creates ads quickly and assists in improving Facebook ad campaigns.

ManyChat This is a tool that can help you set up Facebook Messenger. This will make it easy to access customer support.

Fanpage Karma With Fanpage Karma, you can effortlessly publish posts, obtain insights regarding them, and monitor an uncountable number of profiles and pages.

Heyo is beneficial for promoting product and brand awareness, as well as generating more leads. It has pre-made templates that you can use to create content, hashtag campaigns, and sweepstakes for Facebook.

Hootsuite This tool helps you to improve your ad campaign’s conversion and engagement by targeting and retargeting your desired market.

Likealyzer can boost your Facebook page's performance as it gives valuable insights and scores page on a scale of 0-100. Meet Edgar This is helpful when it comes to scheduling and managing your posts, as well as recycling your update from time to time automatically.

Pagemodo is an excellent marketing tool that helps to build and modify your Facebook pages. You can also use it to analyze and customize your business page, create engaging content, and add custom tabs.

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