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Life beyond screen

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Screens connect a person from theirs closest friends to strangers, by experiencing other person's stories and tell yours owns story. We depends upon screens from how we work to what we talk to each other. Screens bridge the gaps between knowledge, time & space. Screens are like windows to other worlds, where everyone ready to intrude and act like canvases to your worlds filled with the brushstrokes of your lives.

But one day they’re going to die.

Screen as prison

Everyone's brains are tricked to believe that every small rectangle of color are actually screens with words, pictures, & videos. That’s all nothing more than a digital illusion. One day Screens will be replaced by more convincing illusions.

Our visual senses & brain are incredibly effective to consume a lot of data quickly, but our brain limiting a rectangular form factor and think this world is rectangular. People barely experience the physical world and always surrounded by a black rectangular mirror. Like parked vehicles outside your house, CCTV monitors it & screens sit idle most of the time, taking up one extra space in your life & house. A tv or computer screen spends most of its time as a black-mirror.

The technology which replaces the screen, will move information more closer to the user by using the best graphics processing device in existence:- the human brain. Instead of lighting up the fixed rectangular flat screen, it should be sometimes foldable & bendy rectangles which our eyes easily interpret as patterns, and that day we can easily paint the entire world digitally directly into our brains.

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” —Bill Gates, 1996

Else this story will go this way:

It will start out as clunky & look like a toy, College & schools will ban it, parents starts fearing from it and people will feel superior for not having it, until one day, it will be as normal & unremarkable as the book.

…and beyond

Picture the future in your mind where your desk complement your digital life, instead of living inside clunky monitor with a keyboard on it, A digital surface you can feel it, touch it & store things on it, an actual desktop you have where you are surrounded by all your digital information at your eye -level.

You don’t need to keep a small screen (Phone) in your pocket, you don’t need to buy extra screens just to just to have to open more than one thing at a time. You can feel your relative in the same room while talking abroad on video calls, as it should be evolve into three-dimensional hologram. The fan above your bed will be evolved into your personal movie theatre or it will open up to see the stars in realtime.

The entire industry will explore new dimensions & dynamics that can’t even imaginable today. You have entirely a new connection with real-world around you. Your workplace, your entertainment, your communication, and every second of your life will be experienced on a screen, like you import & export from the real world.

The internet is going exciting day by day when your digital lives outgrow on the real-world screens. There will be a new paradigm for design & development, and entirely new possibilities to create & explore new technology.

The only limits will be the speed of light and the laws of physics.

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