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How to Convert Your Instagram Followers into Buyers

Instagram has been a boon for a lot of different brands. It is a self-promotion safe space that allows a lot of companies to showcase their services and products in a way that hasn’t been done on other platforms. But since this platform is going to be limited to mostly video sharing and pictures, without help from a click through e-commerce feature, the return on investment can be a bit harder.

While we have spent some time in this guidebook taking a look at how you can build up your list of followers and get more eyes on your products, it is now time to take this a bit further and explore how you are able to take these followers and turn them into some of your paying customers.

First off, realize that not all of your followers are going to become your customers. Some people may like looking at your products or hearing news about you, but they may not make any purchases. Others may be frequent shoppers with you. And others will shop on occasion or just once. But your goal is to turn as many of those followers into customers as possible. The good news is there are a few steps that you can take in order to make this happen and they include the following:

Make all of your followers on Instagram feel like they are in your inner circle

Even on social media, people want to feel included. One of the best ways to make the person feel like they are a part of your community, and therefore make them more willing to purchase from you, is to ensure that they feel like they are actually a part of your inner circle.

It is pretty common knowledge that a bit of incentive can go a long way when it comes to seeing a boost in your sales. And when it comes to gaining some traction on your social media platform, this is still true. In one study that was done in 2013, it was discovered that about 49 percent of Americans liked a Facebook page for some company or another because of loyalty. And then 43 percent would become a fan of a certain page in order to get special deals or coupons.

The trick to making this one work is to find the sweet spot between those consumers who may just decide to follow you in the hope of getting a discount, and try to get them to stick around because they actually do like and support the products you sell. This is where your followers on Instagram are going to come in. These particular followers already have an interest in the products and brand you are presenting, but now you need to provide some incentive to get them to purchase from you.

One way that you can do this is to do a tease for an exclusive offer on the Instagram feed, one that the followers aren’t going to be able to get in stores or online. This means that the special is only available to those who follow you on Instagram. This makes the followers feel special, and they may be willing to make a purchase, even if they hadn’t been considering it before.

Not only is this strategy going to be a good one to drive some sales, but it ensures that the followers feel like they are on the inside. This proves valuable because they will have more goodwill for your brand. When you use your Instagram business account as real estate for your promotions, it is easier to remind your followers to start shopping now, and that they should check back often to find more steals and deals as well.

Add in a call to actions to your posts and stories

Never do a post without some kind of call to action. This needs to be on your posts and on your stories. Your followers need to know what they should do next, and as we talked about, asking them is going to be more efficient than just assuming they know what you want them to do. This call to action can get rid of any confusion and will make it more likely that you get the sale.

When you work on a call to action, it isn’t always going to be a call for the customer to purchase something. Maybe it asks them to like your page, use a hashtag, or even share or repost the thing you put up. But if you have an item that you are posting about and you want to sell, then your call to action must be about purchasing that item if you want to turn at least some of your followers into customers.

Turn the store into a hot spot

Thanks to some of the filter effects and features that come with Instagram, but this platform has a way to turn almost any picture and any item that you are promoting look pretty enviable. You have probably scrolled through the feed at least a little bit and wished that you had some of the items that were there. If you are promoting your own business on Instagram, why not make sure that all the pictures you are posting of your store have that same feel.

Many brands that happen to manage pop-up shops find that they are pretty good at promoting in-store events on their Instagram pages. For example, the online retailer that is known as Piperlime is constantly showing pictures of the yummy treats that they sell and they use imaging that shows off some of their pop up parties in order to get customers more interested as well.

Instagram is working on a buy now feature

One new feature that Instagram is releasing is the purchase or buy now feature. This works similar to what is found on Pinterest and other social media sites, and it is going to lead to more followers deciding to click on the link and make a purchase as well.

Let’s say that you are a store that sells shoes. You may have a sale on a pair of boots and you decide to list them on your past to promote the sale. With this new feature, you can add in a button that allows your followers to click on the link and purchase those boots. This takes some of the work out of your followers having to search for your link. And when the customer is able to click on the link right away, they are more likely to give in to impulse shopping and this leads to a sale for you.

Pay attention to the lead your fans have

Chances are that your products are out on Instagram, even if you don’t have an account. This can happen when you have customers who are snap happy and excited about the products that you provide. The good news is that you can leverage some of the legwork that your customers already did and then use that work on your brands’ page. This can save you time, shows off a positive review that you got from a customer, and can enhance the product because you provide a visual example of how to enjoy and use your product.

For example, on the Instagram of Ben and Jerry’s, you will notice that most of the posts are going to be credited user pictures (remember to credit the follower or user when you repost their picture). Your mouth is going to water from all the good looking treats, but this profile basically just reposted pictures of their customers enjoying the snack.

When other customers get a chance to see that the product is popular, can actually see the product, and then get a chance to see how that product should be used, it can actually make the product seem more appealing. This is where that unique hashtag can come in handy as well. You can ask your customers to use that hashtag any time they post a picture of them using or wearing your product. You simply have to search that hashtag, then repost, and you have a lot of your work done for you, and a simple way to turn some of your followers into customers in the future.

The overall goal of collecting as many followers as possible is to turn them into customers. It doesn’t do you much good to have 10,000 followers on your business page if none of them ever actually purchase some of the products that you are selling. When you use some of the suggestions in this section, you will find that it is easier to take those followers and convince them to purchase your product.

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