Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown in India, it has adversely affected Lakhs of daily wage earners, servants, construction workers, daily labourers, Rickshaw-pullers, Balloon sellers, and so on, who have no means of income to feed their families for the next few weeks.   

It is important that in times like this we show solidarity and come forward to help the ones in need. Child Help Foundation is on a mission to make Indians more aware of and ready to fight the pandemic. We have started this campaign to raise funds for the same.

The money raised will be used to:

● We are trying to help the families of these daily wage earners by supplying them with a GROCERY KIT that can sustain their families for the upcoming 2 weeks, or even more than that.

● A grocery kit will contain sufficient quantities of  5 kg wheat/rice, oil, sugar, tea, 2 kg lentils, soaps, and a coronavirus awareness pamphlet. The cost of feeding and sustaining a whole family for 2 weeks is only 700 rupees. 

● Give free masks and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Please donate towards this noble cause and join the fight against Coronavirus.




Over the past few months, Corona Virus has spread rapidly across the country. India’s COVID-19 cases have spiked to 1200+ and the numbers are increasing. The government has been actively working towards stemming the outbreak. A severe lockdown has been put in place in all the states. A large segment of the unorganized sector i.e., the daily wage workers, the construction labourers, farmers and so on do not have the necessary resources to survive. They rely on their daily wages to put food on the table. 

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We are ensuring that every single rupee that you donate is utilized towards providing maximum aid. In these crucial times, it is essential that every resource and every rupee should reach the people who need it the most. We are playing our part.